Samsung Mobiles price in nepal , latest july 15, 2020

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal , Latest, July 15, 2020

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Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

If you are thinking of buying a Samsung mobile phone but confused about which to get, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed the official price of samsung smartphones that are available in Nepal.
Samsung is the second number smartphone brand in Nepal after Xiaomi with a market share of around 38 %. In 2020, Samsung Nepal implemented the Best Selling Price (BSP) modality. This basically means customers will not be receiving any discounts on the displayed price. Hence, all the Samsung phones that are listed here are the best available price.
Currently, Samsung has a wide range of models ranging from budget to high-end. So, if you are planning to buy a Samsung smartphone, make sure you buy them from an authorized distributor for genuine products and after-sales support. There are two distributors of Samsung phones in Nepal: Integrated Mobility Solutions (IMS) and Him Electronics.
To make sure if a Samsung device is authorized or not, there’s a hologram of either IMS or HIM electronics on the box package. It is beneficial to buy from the authorized channels since the Samsung service center only provides replacement and servicing facilities on products bought from authorized distributors Here is the latest price of Samsung smartphone in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy A2 CoreRs.8,499
Samsung Galaxy A01 (2+16GB)Rs.13,499 (New) 
Samsung Galaxy A10s (2+32GB)Rs.14,999
Samsung Galaxy M11 (3+32GB)Rs. 18,999
Samsung Galaxy A20s (3+32GB)Rs.18,899
Samsung Galaxy A20s (4+64GB)Rs.19,999
Samsung Galaxy A30 (4+64GB)Rs.23,899
Samsung Galaxy A21s (4+64GB)Rs.24,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy A30s (4+128GB)Rs.27,499
Samsung Galaxy M30s (4+64GB)Rs.24,899
Samsung Galaxy M30s (6+128GB)Rs.28,699
Samsung Galaxy M21 (4+64GB)Rs. 22,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy M21
Rs. 27,499 (New)
Samsung Galaxy M31 (6+128GB)Rs. 30,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy M31 (8+128GB)Rs. 35,699 (New)
Samsung Galaxy M40 (6+128GB)Rs.25,999
Samsung Galaxy A50 (4+64GB)Rs.26,699
Samsung Galaxy A50s (6+128GB)Rs.33,599
Samsung Galaxy A51 (6+128GB)Rs.39,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy A70 (6+128GB)Rs.40,799
Samsung Galaxy A70s (6+128GB)Rs.43,799
Samsung Galaxy A71 (8+128GB)Rs.49,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy A80 (8+128GB)Rs.49,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 9  (8+128GB)Rs.69,999
Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB)Rs.84,899
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB)Rs.1,05,899
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (512GB)Rs.1,35,899
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8+128GB)Rs.58,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (256GB)Rs.111,399
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (256GB)Rs.129,599
Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB)Rs. 1,13,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ (128GB)Rs. 1,26,999 (New)
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraRs. 1,59,999 (New) 

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