Nepal telecom Postpaid SIM Now More Cheaper: RS 500

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Nepal Telecom has abate the price of postpaid SIM card to Rs 500, with the start of the new Fiscal Year 2077/78. The new price is effective from Shawan 1, 2077. Earlier the cost of the postpaid SIM was Rs 945.0.Similarly, Nepal Telecom introduces unlimited calls in its postpaid SIM with a combo pack called Diamond pack. Find more of the Ntc postpaid SIM cost and the postpaid packs below.As the new Fiscal year budget and Finance bill FY 2077/78 remove the ownership charge (that was Rs 500), the cost of NTC’ PSTN and postpaid mobile reduces drastically.Previously they used to charge Rs 945 for the postpaid SIM. Which included Rs 565 for the ownership charge of Postpaid phone and Rs 380 for the credit limit

Now they do not have to pay any ownership cost but include the SIM activation charge of Rs 40. They also increase the first credit amount to Rs 460. So, the total cost of the postpaid sim becomes Rs 460 (credit limit)+ Rs 40 (SIM activation charge)= Rs 500.

Due to the new budget provision, Nepal Telecom says they will charge 2% for each new SIM card purchase and recharge. So, you need to pay an extra 2% for every recharge of your Postpaid SIM card either through recharge card or MPOS or banks or company counter or Smart card. For example: If you recharge your postpaid mobile with Rs 100, then you will only get Rs 98 in your account.

Along with the reduction of the postpaid SIM cost, Nepal Telecom has revised the postpaid packs which now includes basic, premium, gold, and diamond options.

The postpaid pack is made more attractive with the integration of more data volume (the least is 4GB data for 30 days). The data volume, voice, and SMS increase with the cost of the pack.

The basic postpaid pack costs Rs 384 with which you can select either 800 mins on-net voice or 4GB data. Similarly, the premium, gold, and diamond pack cost Rs 749, Rs 999 and Rs 1499 respectively. You get unlimited on-net calls with Nepal Telecom Diamond postpaid pack which also provides 20GB of data.

S.N.Postpaid PackPriceCombo offer
1BasicRs 384800 mins on-net or 4GB data
2PremiumRs 749800 mins on-net + 75 mins off-net calls + 4GB data + 500 SMS
3GoldRs 9991500 mins on-net + 115 mins off-net + 10GB data + 1000 SMS
4DiamondRs 1499Unlimited on-net calls + 175 mins off-net calls + 20GB data + 1000SMS

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