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One of the largest telecommunication service of Nepal: Ncell has announce FREE 1 GB FACEBOOK DATA for their users. Ncell has announced several attractive data packages targeting their 4g subscribers these days for this time users can get extra 1 GB bonus Facebook data on the subscription of One Week Non Stop YouTube Plus data pack for Rs 127.64(with tax) . However Ncell will provide this bonus only to those who subscribe the One Week Non-stop YouTube Plus pack for the first time. You can dial *17123*1*1# to subscribe this pack

VolumeValidityPricePrice incl. taxes
Non-stop YouTube on 4G + 4GB All-network data7 daysRs. 100Rs. 127.69

What is one week non-stop YouTube data pack ?

This is the package where you can enjoy nonstop youtube for one week, Beside this you can get 4GB of extra data with the pack. You can also buy add-on Facebook and Tiktok data in cheaper rates.

Volume – 4G networkValidityPricePrice incl. taxes
3500MB for Facebook
(500MB per day for 7 days)
7 daysRs. 20Rs. 25.54
3500MB for TikTok
(500MB per day for 7 days)
7 daysRs. 20Rs. 25.54

You may have additional quarries about this pack. Here we have tried to answer them as per Ncell Site

Can I use the above packs in 3G or 2G network?
Non-Stop YouTube can be used only in 4G network whereas additional 4G data can be used in all network. 

How do I know if I have 4G?
If you are in 4G network, have 4G SIM with 4G handset, you will see 4G or LTE label in your network bar when you turn on data in your phone. If you have 4G handset but have 3G SIM, visit your nearest Ncell Centre or Ncell authorized shops to upgrade your SIM for free. You will also get 1GB free data when you upgrade. To check if your SIM is 4G or not, type Q and send SMS to 324. 

What happens if I am surfing YouTube using Non-Stop YouTube+ Pack and my network fluctuates to 3G?
If you are surfing YouTube using Non-Stop YouTube+ Pack and if your network fluctuates to 3G, YouTube will stop playing. It will not charge from your main balance. 

Can I take the add-on pack only without purchasing Non-stop YouTube+ Pack?
To buy the add-on pack, you must buy Non-stop YouTube+ Pack first.

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