TikTok Banned in Nepal ??

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TikTok, the reknowned short video sharing platform is making its worse headline in the news again. US president Donald Trump has announced that Tiktok is going to be banned in his all states. Read the full article to know all Tiktok issues around the globe.

How TikTok moved to this situation

Since 2016, TikTok has collected more than 8 hundred million users around the world. In a last anti-trust hearing, Mark Zuckerberg (you know who is he) found TikTok as the rapidly growing app which remained very popular with its users. But some Internet security department from various nations have marked TiktoK as a security risk.

Tiktok was owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The Chinese ownership is sufficient to cause allergy to US and its tail countries. The Chinese National Intelligence Law is the main reason behind all this. All of the companies that are china based requires to help the government of china in the collection of intelligence records around the world. TikTok is blamed of gathering TikTokers  data illegally and sending it to the Chinese Communist Party unethically.

Just a month ago, The government of India had banned 59 other Chinese apps along with TikTok screening security hazards. It was one of the biggest kick to ByteDance as TikTok had biggest market in India

In 2019 The government of United States had banned ZTE and HUAWEI from US networks. US officials are appointing the app investigators for this issue.

The government of United States had hinted at discarding the app at the start of July. But Tulsa Incident had intensified things quickly.US president proclaimed a rally on June 19 in Tulsa. Around a million people reserved their place for the event but the actual presence in the event was far under whelming. It was reported that TikTok users intentionally registered for the event only to not show up in the event.

There are two options to address the situation surrounding the controversial app – let US-based companies acquire the operations in the US or ban the app completely in the country. Trump’s latest statement suggests a ban is underway. Trump suggested he will use emergency economic powers or an executive order to impose a ban. TikTok has around 80 million users in the US. As a result, the US is among its biggest audiences. Policymakers have accused the app of supplying user data to the Chinese Communist Party but ByteDance Claims says that the user data of US user is stockpiled on US servers. The data are further backed by Singapore-based servers. It argues that these data don’t fall under Chinese policy.

What does it mean to the competitors?

TikTok is the only one app that can threat the reactions of Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. Thus, these companies are already working on TikTok boycott. In its press release, TikTok acknowledges Facebook is working on another clone product like TikTok (referring to Reel) after the failure of Lasso. YouTube is now focusing on TikTok like a short-video service to its users. TikTok has accused Facebook of using patriotism for malignly attacking the company. These companies will benefit the most following ban of TikTok in the land and periphery of US.

Possibility of TikTok Ban in Nepal

The government of Nepal and china are climbing the hight of friendship at this time , hence there is no possibility of TikTok Ban in Nepal For Now

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