Nepal Telecom announced SEE student offer for SEE graduates 2077

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Nepal Telecom has brought a special SIM offer for SEE 2076 graduates on the day of SEE result publishing. NTC will provide a free SIM card to those SEE students with student offer packs. It includes registration gifts for 30 days and a special bonus on recharge for every recharge for a year. Find all the details about the Ntc SEE student SIM offer below.

What’s in Ntc free SEE SIM card?

Nepal Telecom’s free SEE SIM card has the main balance of 10 rupees, 60 MB data, 40 minutes call within Ntc, and 20 SMS. The students will get an “Student registration pack” for 30 days while there will be a bonus on recharge for 1 year.

Here are the features of the SEE SIM card from Nepal Telecom.

  • Rs 10 main balance, 60 MB data, 40 minutes call, and 20 SMS. The call and SMS can be used within the Nepal Telecom network only.
  • Student registration pack: 100 MB data, 10 minutes on-net call, and 5 on-net SMS every day for 30 days.
  • Bonus on recharge: 0.5 GB data, 50 minutes on-net calls, and 50 on-net SMS free on recharge of above 50 rupees recharge for a year, on every recharge.
  • e-shikshya package: Students with this SIM card can also take the online learning package called eshikshya package.
  • You can also buy the latest Happy learning pack offer, with 24GB and 35GB package.

How to get the free SEE Student SIM from Nepal Telecom?

To get the free SEE SIM card from Nepal Telecom, you need to follow these steps.

  • Visit the nearby Ntc office.
  • Fill a form with a passport size photo, copy of citizenship (of yours or your parents) and copy of SEE admit card. With the recent NTA directives, you have to take the original citizenship with you or your parents to get the get SIM card.
  • Then you will get a free SIM card with the SEE offer.

You can also apply the SEE offer to the new SIM (which you need to pay Rs 90 from nearby shops) or already existing ones. Nepal Telecom adds this option to use the old SIM cards for this offer, due to the COVID-19 crisis which troubles many to reach the NTC office. For this registration, you need to follow this process.

  • Dial *1600# on the SIM card where you want to activate the SEE offer.
  • Enter the symbol number (without the alphabet) and Date of birth to register that SIM for that offer.
  • You will not get the bonus on recharge for the previously used SIM card. But the student registration pack will be there in your SIM.

As per Nepal Telecom, the Free SEE SIM offer will remain valid for 90 days from Bhadra 1, 2077. You can also buy affordable data packs from Nepal Telecom when you complete those free packages.

Prompt announcement

This time, Nepal Telecom is found to very fast to announce this offer, and it has already grabbed the attention of the SEE graduates. This offer has also reached its target group (i.e. SEE graduates) as they have put the banner ad on the SEE results page. Read Top useful mobile apps for online learning.

Benefit for students

Previous years, the SEE student offer used to come a little late after the result but this time, Nepal Telecom has done a great job in drawing the attention of lakhs of potential customers. The offers included in the SEE SIM package is quite appealing.

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, we request all the students to follow all the safety guidelines while taking the SIM card or you can also enable the package on your existing SIM card. This free SEE SIM offer from Ntc will definitely help the students receive their daily data, voice requirements, even when they spend very low (or not at all) for their mobile balance.

They have also increased the duration of the eshikshya data pack which was from 5 am to 10 am before. After the change, the new duration is from 5 am to 5 pm.

If you are a SEE graduate, tell us are you going to take the SIM card for you. OR If you know someone who has passed SEE this year, will you recommend this free student offer to them. Please comment on your reply below.

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